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Industry studies reveal that 42% of the builders are constantly looking for new Products / ideas for completing their projects on time.

New products brings new opportunities, challenges and scope for proving their capabilities. In persistence to the technological growth, we at Sri Ambika Timber Depot, are proud to present our product Woodpace.







Double Groove 90o Rectangular Joints

These are solid joints, compared to any other joints. As a result the frames get an uniform finish and perfection.

These frames can be simply assembled and built -in to the wall, without any variations of pieces ant it takes lesser time that manually made frames. These frames made from variety of species and available in standard designs and sizes. We can also produce frames in customized sizes, designs and specifications.

Standard Sizes for Door and Window Frames

Door Frames

Window Frames

Available Sizes

8' x 4'

7' x 4'

7' x 3.5'

7' x 3'

7' x 2.5'

6' x 4'

5' x 4'

4.5' x 4'

4' x 4'

4' x 3'

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